The 3 Vital Questions Framework

The 3 Vital Questions to Transforming Drama to Empowerment

Drama shows up daily for all of us and comes in many shapes and forms. If we’re not aware of it, it can really take hold of us. It will suck the energy from your happiness and keep you from being your highest self.

It shows up when you emotionally react to a person or situation that pushes your hot buttons. When triggered, you will do one of the following…

Drama also rears its ugly head inside of us.

This happens when you go to battle with your inner critic. You know when it tells you that you’re not smart or good enough, worthy, or good looking or thin enough.

Disrupting Drama

The 3 Vital Questions is a framework that I use in all of my coaching programs. It’s a practical tool that will help you identify key traits of your thoughts and behaviors.

You’ll know what sparks you into either the disempowered roles of the Dreaded Drama Triangle (Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer) or The Empowerment Dynamic roles (Creator, Challenger and Coach).

drama disrupting

You will learn how to build your emotional agility to help yourself and others shift out of drama and into the empowerment roles that allow you to be intentional, resourceful, resilient and your best self in all areas of your life at home and work.

These positive shifts create profound, life changing energy and results within ourselves that reverberate into our family, workplaces, friendships and community.

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