Toxic Positivity – Let’s Get Real About It!

Toxic Positivity is a buzz phrase that’s getting thrown around left and right lately. Yes, it’s real and its mission critical to be mindful of this for your own well-being, happiness and overall success in life. However, you can also use it as a scapegoat. Join me as I dive into this topic and discuss its power and the nuances that you need to be aware of.

How to Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Partner

Get ready to explore how you are currently showing up in your relationship by looking at… 

  • Which of your thoughts are helping or hurting your relationship with your partner? 
  • Which of your actions and behaviors are deepening your connection and which ones are pulling you further apart? 
  • What steps do you want to take to build a deeper and stronger relationship?

Conquer Your Inner Critic and Inner Drama

Your inner critic stems from your ego and it will always be a part of you. It will try to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. But you have the power to tame it and even embrace it, and when you do, you will feel free and limitless!

Get In Alignment with Your Values

Your values are your guide and compass to your happiness and success. In this video we’ll explore these questions:

  • How clear are you on your personal values? 
  • How well are you living true to them through your daily actions and behaviors? 
  • Do you know when you’re living them and when you’re not?

What’s Your Future Story?

The story you tell yourself about your future has a SIGNIFICANT power over how you are acting today–even at this very moment. YOU are writing your future right now so….why not take charge of it?!?

What’s Your Past Story?

The stories and narratives you tell yourself from your past can 100% impact how you are showing in the present. They will either help you or limit you. What story are you telling yourself about your past? 

Also…check out the side Cobra Kai commentary!

Caught in the Vortex of Self Improvement?

Are you an avid lover of personal growth books, podcasts, masterclasses, etc? Me too! Constantly wanting to learn more and improve ourselves is great but it can also keep us in “Stucksville”! 

We read…we listen…we take a class and then another, thinking that the next best piece of advice will improve our lives and make us happier. The reality is we can use this as a scapegoat from taking real action in our life. The truth is life is a practice field to experience. If we never practice, then we’ll never really play full out our life and live it!

Build Your Emotional Intelligence and Agility

Your thoughts and emotions are everything! Please do not underestimate them. Becoming the Jedi Master of your mind and emotions is a life changer. You will have the forever power to truly take charge of your life story!

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