Group Coaching

Group Coaching

The Ignite Your Power group coaching program takes you on a journey of raising your awareness and increasing your emotional intelligence and agility with the support of others who are committed to doing the very same.

You will learn a powerful and highly useful self-awareness framework to take a deeper look into who you are and who you want to be. You will immediately apply this tool to elevate your life and relationships.

Exploring your thoughts and emotions through the lens of this framework will allow you to gain a deep understanding of how you are currently showing up to life’s circumstances and your relationships by examining your daily words and actions.

You’ll be able to identify what thoughts and behaviors are helping or holding you back from happiness and success by answering these vital questions for yourself:

  • What are you focusing more on in life–problems or solutions?
  • How are you relating to others, yourself and circumstances? Are you sparking drama or empowering yourself and others to be creative and resourceful?
  • What actions are you taking to intentionally create sustainable, positive outcomes?

Learning how to master your thoughts and emotions will allow you to respond to life with intention instead of emotionally reacting or bandaging issues with short-term fixes.

This group program is for you and can be particularly rewarding if…

erin klinger

I highly recommend participating in Merilee’s Peer Coaching group…I’m so glad I did! Merilee has a wonderful program, which provided me with multiple tools I needed in order to take a deeper look into who I am and who I want to be. The tools helped me gain clarity and insight to help me to better certain relationships, develop better self-awareness, take accountability for the roles I was playing as well as build camaraderie. My peers were super supportive and made me feel comfortable as did Merilee! Merilee was always available and willing to help in anyway – both as a coach and as a friend!

Erin Klinger

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